HIGH-PRESSURE CENTRIFUGAL FIRE PUMP BB-4® High-Pressure Fire Pump Available in portable and vehicle-mounted configurations


  • Direct attack wildfire operations
  • Slip-on units
  • Relay tank pumping for remote watering during firefighting operations
  • High-elevation firefighting in mountainous areas
  • In series pumping over long distances
  • Parallel pumping for higher volumes


  • MARK-3® compatible quick-release clamp and detachable pump end for minimal equipment downtime and inventory
  • Unique blister resistant mechanical rotary seal to prolong pump end longevity
  • Sealed bearing to eliminate pump end greasing in the field
  • Drive assembly for reliable, low maintenance performance

  • Aluminum alloy pump components and anodized parts for lighter weight and greater resistance to corrosion
  • Multiple engine types available
  • Choice of manual, electric or exhaust priming
  • Fastwire included on all vehicle-mounted units
  • EPA certified