Instantly converting any pickup truck into an extremely mobile fire truck, the RANCHER® lightweight skid unit is rugged, yet affordable. Powerful, yet easy to operate.

The RANCHER® is a professional firefighter-grade system that comes with top-of-the-line components including the powerful, durable MINI-STRIKER® pump and the proven Hannay hose reel. The RANCHER® provides the strength and performance you need to move water. It is ideal for rapid intervention in remote areas that can’t easily be reached by larger vehicles, and comes with 65- or 125-gallon tank capacity.

Continual product improvements are a significant part of our commitment to our products here at Flash Wildfire Services. In keeping with this tradition, numerous improvements have been made to the RANCHER® units. The poly nozzle on the Hannay reel has been upgraded to an aluminum dual spray nozzle. The nozzle rotates from high-flow spray, to high-flow straight stream, to low-flow spray, to low-flow straight stream, and to shutoff. This upgrade improves the quality and reach of the water stream, helping users manage fires quickly and from a safer distance.